Pierce Takes Safety Seriously
We do whatever it takes to prevent injuries

Safety is not just a part of our day to day routine but rather part of the Pierce Distribution Services Company culture. We care about each and every one of our associates and will do whatever it takes to prevent an associate from being injured.

Keeping our facilities safe and injury free takes input from everyone. Pierce Distribution Services Company goes through a rigorous safety audit on an annual basis in conjunction with the Millennium Insurance Company, Ltd. The audit is a comprehensive outside review which encompasses accident trends, employee participation, management participation, safety policies, procedures and manuals, accident investigation programs, claims management and the fundamental risk controls. Our risk management also includes safety committees at each of our facilities which meet regularly, the use of mini-safety meetings throughout the month, daily equipment inspections, and continuous safety training, both internal and external, as well as completing all documentation required by management to ensure that our programs are being adhered to. Pierce recognizes that a good safety culture includes all associates at all levels of the organization and rewards it associates through a safety reward/incentive program.

Pierce Distribution Services Company benchmark’s itself in many areas in regard to safety. Some of the benchmarking is completed by the Millennium Insurance Company, Ltd. while other benchmarking is completed internally.

The Millennium Insurance Company Audit Results
Since participating in the Millennium Insurance Company, Ltd. captive, Pierce has undergone an annual outside safety audit conducted by the safety professionals of Risk Control Consulting Services. Pierce has consistently performed at an exceptional level with the following scores based on a possible 1,000 point scale.  Please download our Safety Presentation below for more information.

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