Pierce understands the importance to a manufacturer of having an efficient and well-run dealer returns program. A streamlined returns process with minimal hassle will result in a pleased dealer network for the manufacturer.

Pierce has experience in establishing new programs, or taking an existing returns program and making the necessary improvements so that it meets the manufacturer’s desired standards. We will work with you to design a customized program that fits your needs.  As your return center, Pierce will receive return shipments, inspect the parts, and refurbish them as needed. Parts will then be relabeled, repackaged, and shipped to the customer’s desired location.

Every step of Pierce’s returns process is carefully monitored and accurately documented. This means every item we receive is accounted for, whether it is inspected and counted, refurbished and repackaged, or not scrapped. Our history of success with reverse logistics programs is evident in the millions of line items we process each year. Pierce knows that a supply chain is not complete without the efficient management of dealer returns.

Potential benefits to a manufacturer from Pierce operating their returns program:

  • Eliminates the costs of warehousing unusable parts
  • Frees up manufacturer’s labor personnel and warehouse space
  • Improves customer satisfaction by reducing credit cycle times
  • Reduces or eliminates unauthorized product returns
  • Dealer channel appreciates smoother running returns process

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