As a very experienced government packager, Pierce continually meets rigid government and international packaging specifications and shipping deadlines.

Pierce has packaged and shipped thousands of product lines through government contracts, from items as large as massive submarine engines, to items as small as tiny matched bearings. Pierce offers years of experience providing custom services & solutions for both the government and the military. 

Pierce is fully aware that many companies find themselves constantly challenged by the stringent inspection, packaging, documentation, and shipping requirements required by the United States government. Pierce deals with these matters daily and provides their customers absolute assurance of compliance and acceptance.

As your government and military packager, Pierce will:

  • Ensure that the government's rigid packaging specifications and shipping deadlines are met
  • Provide cost-effective packaging in accordance with all required specifications including MIL-STD-2073
  • Ensuring application and production of all necessary military markings in accordance with MIL-STD-129 and all required bar-code labels in accordance with AIM-BC1.
  • Prepare and distribute the Material Inspection and Receiving Report-DD250 through the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) System.
  • Ship the completed military items to the specified destination, via the mode of transportation identified by the customer.
  • Manufacture military specification wood boxes (ISPM 15 stamped) on-site
  • Follow through to assure that your shipments will not be rejected or unnecessarily delayed

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