Pierce can provide a wide range of kitting and light assembly services. Pierce has experience with large scale kits, having completed kits consisting of as many as 288 part numbers and 1,865 pieces per kit. Most of your kit needs may not be that complex, but whatever the size, Pierce can provide a solution.

Every customer’s needs are unique. Pierce can work with you to develop a customized kitting solution while assuring that all kits will arrive complete, properly packaged with proper documentation, and on time. Pierce’s team of professionals works with its clients to establish effective kit building processes, and consistently maintains the highest level of quality control.

Consignment Kitting

Pierce will inventory the parts placed on consignment with Pierce by your suppliers, kit those parts upon demand, and ship them directly to your dealers or distributors. The vendor owns the inventory until it is shipped for your use. Pierce manages the inventory, thoroughly reports all movements in and out of that consigned inventory, reduces the need for frequent shipments, and manages parts flow to insure that parts are 100% available when they are needed.

Procurement Kitting

Pierce will work directly with your approved suppliers (both domestic and foreign), purchase the parts at prices you have established, order just-in-time to your demand, and build/package kits when you need them to be shipped to your dealers. You do not pay until the kits are shipped.

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