From our beginning, Pierce has provided packaging services ranging from military packaging, to service parts packaging, to kitting and crating and export packaging.  No part is too big or small and we can handle any volumes that may arise. 

Pierce can consolidate shipments from your suppliers and provide the processes and management tools to successfully package any part in a timely manner.  We will visually inspect incoming shipments for count and condition and if packaging specs have not been pre-determined by you, Pierce can design the packaging upon receipt of the part or beforehand if part specifications are readily available. 

As supply chains continue to grow and the supplier base for sourced goods becomes more complex, it can be tough and costly to have suppliers on the same page regarding uniformity and packaging consistency.  In some cases it is easier and more efficient (process and cost wise) to have suppliers ship parts in bulk to a single source and allow Pierce to handle the breakdown, verification, packaging and shipping to the various destination points.

At Pierce we can:

  • Package any part
  • Build a packaging specs catalog for standardization
  • Private brand to your desired image
  • Pre-condition and protect against moisture, pilferage, vibration and corrosion
  • Label to all bar-coding or country of origin standards
  • Comply with all domestic and international shipping laws, codes and regulations (APHIS, IPPC, USDA, ASPM15, IATA, IMDG, U.S. Customs)
  • Strictly comply with all federal security guidelines (CTPAT)

Please contact us if you have further questions or need more information regarding packaging services.   We look forward to hearing from you.

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