In today’s competitive market, it is essential for a manufacturer to maintain a visual presence of both its company name and its products. Pierce can assist with that by providing private branding services of a manufacturer’s service parts. A wide variety of different programs can be implemented, depending on your preference.

Typically, Pierce will:

  • Receive customer or vendor-supplied parts at our facilities
  • Perform quality inspections
  • Verify country of origin
  • Remove vendor markings
  • Package the parts in customer-specified packaging
  • Distribute the parts to the manufacturers chosen location(s)

Pierce can assist its customers in design/artwork and packaging specifications. The customized branding operation can become an integral part of your company.

We can receive your parts directly from your suppliers, verify count, condition and country of origin, and immediately satisfy backorders and emergency orders. Then we begin volume packaging, utilizing our proven procedures to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout the entire process.

If necessary, items can be shipped to your distribution locations according to your allocation schedule. Pierce can also allocate directly to specific zones within your receiving warehouse(s). The extra attention to detail reduces handling and restock time.

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