As your outsourced procurement partner, Pierce will work with you and your suppliers to reduce or eliminate any scheduling and delivery headaches. Rather than have many suppliers to deal with, a manufacturer can instead utilize Pierce as a single supplier providing the same parts.

Pierce has also been able to assist manufacturers by working in place of some of their more difficult suppliers. Whether the issues are due to a supplier not being able to meet required delivery dates or some other problem, Pierce can provide a solution.

For several of its customers, Pierce provides procurement kitting services. In this arrangement, Pierce will work directly with your approved suppliers (both domestic and foreign), purchase the parts at prices you have already established, order just-in-time to your demand, and build/package kits when you need them to be shipped to your dealers. You do not pay until the kits are shipped.

The most common benefits to Pierce’s customers through this partnership are these:

  1. Procurement is a tactical process that is viewed as a non-competitive advantage cost center. Outsourcing will result in increased service levels at a lower cost.
  2. Partnership allows the manufacturer to focus on its core competencies.
  3. Partnership allows for a reallocation of internal resources.
  4. Transaction processing infrastructure - cost of transaction processing reduces the internal spend.
  5. Better service time.
  6. Freed up cash flow.


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