Pierce can turn old shelf-worn or returned products into profits
with customized reverse logistics programs.

Your parts can be refurbished, repackaged and returned to saleable condition. We work with you to design a program that fits your needs.  As your return center, we receive return shipments, inspect the components, and refurbish them. Parts are then relabeled, repackaged and shipped to the desired location.

Every step of our return process is carefully monitored and accurately documented.  This means every item we receive is accounted for, whether it is simply inspected and counted, refurbished and repackaged, or not salvaged and returned. Our success with reverse logistics is evident in the millions of line items we process each year.  Pierce knows a supply chain is not complete without the efficient management of reverse logistics/dealer returns.

Pierce precisely controls the reverse flow of service parts and materials for the purpose of returns, refurbishment and re-stocks to recapture investment and to revitalize parts availability. Pierce manages the regular return of unneeded or excess inventory for all of our distribution partners, most of our packaging customers and for other equipment manufacturers that recognize Pierce’s exceptional skill in this segment of the supply chain. This capability enhances the overall efficiency of your supply chain and helps improve loyalty, profitability and the strength of your dealer network.

Asset Recovery
Pierce can manage the reverse flow of returnable items, including containers, bins, pallets, racks and other assets.
Ease of Re-Warehousing
Your shipments of re-processed inventories will be sequenced to the receiving warehouses’ lay-outs and designs permitting prompt dock to stock operations and the elimination of bottlenecks at the receiving dock.
Returns & Exchange Management
Pierce can manage the receipt and disposition of customer returns, including cores. Returns services may include: receiving, validation, unbiased inspecting, refurbishment, re-painting, re-labeling, repackaging and inventory tracking.
Pierce works with our customers to develop customized “rules of engagement” to reduce time-consuming decision processes and unnecessary warehousing costs. The saleable will be determined quickly with proper authorizations and the “no longer shelf worthy” will be turned into scrap revenue.
Systematic Visibility
Once parts are inspected, re-conditioned and ready to re-enter the supply chain Pierce will ensure that the entire supply network is aware of its “available for sale” status. Rare finds will be instantly available for “unit down”, emergency and stock orders and converted into profits.


  • Eliminates the costs of warehousing unusable parts
  • Frees up labor and warehouse space
  • Keeps your supply chain “fluid” and “lean”
  • Improves customer satisfaction by reducing credit cycle times
  • Reduces or eliminates unauthorized product returns

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