Pierce combines its expertise
in procurement, kitting, inventory management, sequencing
and complex informational reporting into the ability to provide Supplier Logistics Center (SLC) services.

Pierce is a recognized leader in Supplier Logistics Centers (SLC) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions.  This skill-set, which is rare among 3PL’s, provides the right parts to your manufacturing operation, in the proper sequence, to the exact stage of the manufacturing process, just-in-time, and billed to you when the part enters the production cycle.

Pierce is well practiced in establishing the relationships, controlling the inventory, producing the daily reporting and in providing you with the “leanest” of manufacturing support services.

Pierce and our established network of logistics partners could enhance your management team’s ability to identify the ideal locations, facility lay-outs and transportation options for for you, your customers and your vendors.

The result of our combined insights could be the selection of a new site or sites; that would reduce delivery times, enhance process-flow, improve product availability, pare freight costs, grow sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

Pierce Distribution offers Supplier Logistics Centers & Services as part of our Pre-Production Services & Solutions program. Contact us to learn more about Supplier Logistics Centers & Services and how they can improve your business.


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