Execution is where third-party distribution partners are measured,
and Pierce daily produces cost-effective, reliable, secure and flexible distribution/fulfillment solutions.

These solutions include storage, pick-pack-ship services, sorting and labeling, distribution to end customers throughout the world and a multitude of Value Added Services (VAS)-some already in use and others yet to be discovered.

Optimizing your distribution strategy means selecting the services that are best suited to your order processes and product flow, hence we offer a wide range of solutions to help clients improve inventory management, reduce operating costs and speed order cycle times.

With its strategic property partners and internal resources, Pierce may perform a Site Location Analysis, then, if needed, establish an operation strategically located – in the United States or abroad. One of the keys to helping you manage your business is to offer the option to set up and operate a facility where it will best serve your needs. Once the ideal location is determined, Pierce will then work with you to determine facility size, material handling methods, layout and process flow.

Pierce can provide an all-inclusive assemblage of offerings, or only the specific grouping of services you require:

• Best-in-Class performance metrics and processes
• Decontainerization and sub-sorting
• Cross-docking operations
• Customer service call-centers
• Domestic and foreign shipments
• Fast processing times with over 95% of receipts and orders processed same day
• Flexible deconsolidation and consolidation services
• Management and supervision continuously striving for improvement
• Latest possible ship times for next day delivery
• On-site facility management
• Order fulfillment and stock replenishment
• Packaging, repackaging and labeling for brand identity
• Plant site selection, lay-out and design
• Product receiving and inspections
• Returns logistics
• Single part, carton and full pallet pick-pack-ship distribution
• Standard and customized reporting/programming
• Strict inventory control and cycle counting processes
• Systems design, integration, implementation and optimization
• Wood shop services for custom crating, skid building, and heavy component packaging

• Increase efficiencies in your supply chain
• Streamline your business
• Manage operational costs
• Provide your company with a competitive edge within your industry.

With Pierce as your third-party service provider, you will have more time to focus on your core business and find that you will have an amazing flexibility to accommodate business growth.
Tell us how your current supply chain operates and we’ll use our verifiable Best-In-Class processes and know-how to help you design an outsourced solution that will result in better customer service, reduced costs, and an identifiable cost center that can easily be monitored and adapted as needed.

Each of our global customers has specific and unique warehousing and distribution needs, and Pierce has responded with flexible customized services. Whether your needs are for kitting, packaging, distribution, warehousing or all of the aforementioned; we can serve as the master link in your supply chain.

Warehousing your parts with Pierce allows you to utilize recovered space in your manufacturing and distribution areas. We can also serve as a secondary warehouse for slow-moving items. Warehousing and consolidating your parts into a Pierce facility reduces handling costs and allows for one central control location. By utilizing Pierce’s ability to locate anywhere, your parts get closer to your customers and transportation hubs; improving delivery time and reducing freight costs.


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